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Founded in 2020, Faster than light gym (FTL) has become a prominent player in fitness industry. As of January 2020, we launched our first outlet in Tanjung Duren, following with the opening of Rawamangun Outlet. 

We value hospitality and cleanliness in our services. Due post covid era where consumer is maintaining their pre-covid fitness level. At FTL, our mission is to provide our gym members with more ways to reach their fitness goals, more advice for a healthy lifestyle and more opportunities, yet, to bring affordable yet comfortable fitness center closer to our consumer. 

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Faster Than Light gym is an affordable gym that had a great ambiance and interior 
design, making the level of comfiness increase. In other words, FTL gym caters to the consumer who 
wanted to exercise at the gym comfortably at an affordable price. As shown in the market now, there is a big 
market gap or market dilemma in which consumers need to choose one of the options such as gym 
comfortably with high price or affordable price but not comfortable. Therefore, FTL is created in the 
market to fill the market gap and let everyone gain a healthy lifestyle.

All more reasons to grow with FTL

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Worth the Price

Excellent CRM

 Certified personal trainer

Having a well-developed set program for Personal Trainer

Multiple source of revenue stream

Expansion is not limited by premium location

Convenient FTL App

Good strong analytical data

Best quality gym equipment

Third party product engagement and cooperation

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